Joining TECA

Joining TECA

The Association consists of ordinary members and associate members.

(a) Ordinary members:

Membership shall be open to all companies in exhibition and convention industry registered in Taiwan, regardless of state-run or private, unless otherwise stipulated in the laws. For membership application, companies eligible to join the Association shall submit application forms within the first month of business.

(b) Associate members:

Membership shall be open to juridical association, corporation or academic organization which deal with related research、guidance & assistance、training、sales management and integrated resource.

Funds for the association are consisted of follows:

1. Entrance fee:

NT$6000 must be paid in full at the time of enrolling in the association no matter ordinary or associate members.

2.Annual fee:

NT$ 20,000 for each ordinary member; NT$ 15,000 for each associate member. The fee is due January 1st every year. The annual fee will be paid according to the remaining months of the year if member does not affiliate to the association in the beginning of the year.

Become a member of TECA

01. Application Form

02. Representative Info